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The Magic of the Mediterranean

October 2019

Place: Mediterranean
Date: October 2019

In October 2019, 4 incredibly lucky VIP’s were exclusively invited to an all-expenses paid, 6-star Mediterranean cruise, travelling from Athens, Greece, to Rome, Italy over the space of 6 days. A truly mesmerizing experience, with breathtaking ocean views, captivating on-board activities, delicious nightly dinners worthy of michelin status, and awe-inspiring sight seeing at each Port. 

Take a look at the full itinerary:

  • Wed, Oct 23 – Athens/Piraeus, Greece 
  • Thur, Oct 24 – Santorini (Thíra), Greece 
  • Friday, Oct 25 Cruising the Ionian Sea  
  • Sat, Oct 26 – Sicily/Catania,  
  • Sun, Oct 27 – Italy Sorrento, Italy  
  • Monday, Oct 28 – Rome/Civitavecchia, Italy 


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